A quick rant and rave.

I enjoy steak and shake. I like their food. It`s good classic American food. I have been there now dozens of times. My one complaint is that I have not ever been there one time where I got good service. The servers are always young kids (maybe high school) and they Just do not pay attention. I still find myself going back all the time because of the food. I am a huge fan of their Grilled Chick Salad w/ Fat Free Italian Dressing. But I would love that place even more and it could possibly become a favorite if I could just be served properly. If you know me then you know I am not that picky, I really like to leave good tips and I still do despite the service but....Come On!! Get some people that care about thier jobs! I always go somewhere and think well if this were my store or my restaurant etc, This is what I would do to improve it. If management everywhere did this our economy would be so much better. I am done now. LOL



Bryan said...

Poor service ruins a great meal. There's just something about those tiny fries though that makes you keep coming back.

Josh and Sarah Cox said...

I agree, Bryan, those fries are great! There were always white trash kids working at the one on Highway 30.

Down here, you can't beat Chick-fil-A! Their food is amazing and their service is even better. I love it.

javagirl1111 said...

Yeah, I agree about the service... but the Chili Three Way and the Chocolate Chip Milk Shakes keep me going back every once in awhile!

eckomike said...

Wow I am a Manager for Steak and Shake on the corporate side. The problem is not getting people to care it is finding people who care. I know there are tons of Steak'n'Shakes that have people who care. You can address your complaints to the corporate office. The problem does not always lie with just the manager but the employee pool of that area. Yes I know from my many years in management that some times we take who we can get. Trust me most managers do care cause what the customer thinks truly does matter in our eyes. With out the customers we would not have a place to work. At the same time some things go unreported and the employees act totally different when they are not being watched. We can not get those ones who are creating a bad name for us out if no one lets the proper people know who they are. I am sorry you feel this way about the company and I found this blog surfing for pics for a project. I stopped to say something cause I do care as a manager. I do not want to be lumped in a generalization and I can promise if you were a regular or a new customer at my store you would get treated the way every customer should be. I mean you are paying for an experience when you come to Steak'n'Shake not just a meal. Trust me it is preached all the time. Next time you get bad service get ahold of corporate and trust me they will do something about it. Either way I am sorry your experience was not a pleasent one.

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