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I`m Baaaaaaaacccck

I will be online this weekend and update this blog etc...Thanks for all the letters and everything. I will get more detailed later I just wanted to let everyone know I am alive and well and ready to be back in the blog world


Some pictures!

Here are some pictures we got from Julio!

Julio had the chance to be with his family yesterday. Today, he gets to be free and off-base for several hours with his family. Tomorrow, he will be at the San Antonio Spurs game. His sister said they are making signs so they will get on TV.

As soon as we get a new address for him, we will post it. Thank you for praying for my friend.



Above is the first letter that I received from Julio address to "Blog." He wanted me to post it as a picture on here. We'll see how legible it is. I may have to translate it. Just so you know, since this letter was written, he has received more mail. He got two of my letters. Continue to pray for him. He is looking to be out by January 11th!


PS- If you click on the photo, it will enlarge.

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