Summer of 2007

Summer is over and we are well into Fall 007, This Mix is something that I heard this summer ONE time (My friend Michael had it on a CD) and it stuck with me, I have been trying to find it for months and I just did. This just made my day so I wanted to post it. It may not be your style....You have to hear it all the way to appreciate it though (especially the 90210 part hahaha)


Medina 2012

Josh Cox`s Blog got me laughing so hard that I wanted to post my own. If you saw his you got the laugh already yourself. I see some resemblance myself even though I don't like it LOL. Check it out... Separated at Birth

Then Check out the 2 Youtube Video`s. #1 is a the history of the Parody that was written about Obama and the second one is the actual song. ( I like Rush. )


By the way If you are wondering who I am voting for:

Prank Calls

All the way up through college we used to pull some pretty crazy phone pranks.We never had stuff like this though, if we did I would have never stopped LOL. I ran across this on accident and I was so intrigued by the concept I figured I would share it with the rest of the pranksters out there :)

"Make me a bycicle, clown!"

These are two of my favorite clips from wedding crashers...




I was just interviewed by VAJoe.com and they have added my blog to their website...Check it out.

VaJoe.com- JulioMedina.Com Blog interview

I need some ideas....

I need some good ideas.I am going to a few different Halloween parties and I still have no clue what to do for a costume.Give some of your thoughts....

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