Some pictures!

Here are some pictures we got from Julio!

Julio had the chance to be with his family yesterday. Today, he gets to be free and off-base for several hours with his family. Tomorrow, he will be at the San Antonio Spurs game. His sister said they are making signs so they will get on TV.

As soon as we get a new address for him, we will post it. Thank you for praying for my friend.



Allyn Paul said...

Look at those gay running sweatsuits! I a SOOOOOO glad we didn't have those years ago.
Julio looks very serious in front of that F-16. It will take him a couple days to get de-programmed and he should be back to his old self...just with a higher purpose. I miss him!

The Bigdog said...

We are praying for you Julio. Hopefully when you saw the Spurs play that Tim Duncan did not whine and cry like he always do.

4loveofacuppa said...

Who Leo!!!! You're doneeee!!!! Congrats.

Missed you!

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