*Attention* Don`t say you did`nt get the memo!

If you already signed up for the game which I saw like 5 people did...All you do is click the "rankings" tabs to see how you are doing against everyone else. Go ahead and start investing with whatever you want. You have 100,000 dollar to do whatever you want with... Feel free to come on here and post some stuff or any questions...This is new to me too so if you figure something out...share it. But start investing.

Side Note : You get paid interest on your money that have not used too!

If you want to join please refer to the post below or go to my labels and click investing.


Julio Medina said...

What is everyone that joined User Name so we can know who is who. I am medina82 I just bought some stocks...

lilbilly said...

I am lilbilly11

Julio Medina said...

tim good call with the gm and ford you are #1 in the rankings right now

lilbilly said...

how long does the game go for?

PS....I'm in the lead now!

Bryan said...

great...i suck at this AND fantasy football.

Julio Medina said...

The game goes for 6 months or till someone goes broke. Nice, I saw the rankings steve. You sold your stocks today though right? Rough day for me too but the markets were down at close of week. I am going to be buying shares in a few other companies monday morning at the opening bell. Subprime Borrowers are killing our economy did you see the Euro hit another high against our dollar? Bryan LOL you have hardly invested and its too early too see if anyone suck yet. Lutes is standing strong.

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