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will actually probably have a few posts with similar titles in the upcoming 3 weeks. As time fades and it gets closer to the day that I take off, I am not scared or regretful, Nervous, Nostalgic and Anxious are more the words that describe my emotions. This Saturday afternoon a bunch of friends and had a little going away party. (Thank you to everyone that came!) and Thank you Big Al for the effort,planning and everything that went into it. I had a blast and it was so good to see everybody. The picture above is a cake they had for me too,Awesome huh? Friends and relationships are something that are so easily taken advantage of sometimes without even realizing it, you just go about your daily life and everything and everyone that are just a part of the 'norm' kinda go unnoticed until something changes. I am really coming down to the wire now and the Goodbye times are starting to roll in. I am not get make this an emotional post...I just wanted to publicly thank Big AL and all my friends that came and everyone that was invited that could not make it. Happy Monday. ( I am going to play poker online now since I know I can win with the play money they give me) hahahahahaha ;)


Chad said...

We will miss you Julio! Nothin' but good memories and good times! Good luck to you.

itot54joni said...

goodluck on your poker game.

Josh and Sarah Cox said...

Man, I wish I could have been there. I'm about to get a plane ticket up there to see you before you leave.....ok that sounded gay.....see Bryan's blog.

It's hard to believe, man. I'll be praying for you. You are like a brother to me.

Jason said...

Hey Julio,
Sorry I couldn't be there on Saturday, but I will be praying for you.

Julio Medina said...

LOL josh, I went and saw Bryans blog b4 I read your comment. I wish you could get a ticket....time is getting close though. Maybe at some point I will be stationed there in NC. how cool would that be? You are like a brother to me too...C-309 will live on forever.

Jason- Thanks I will need it.

Julio Medina said...

Chad you are awesome!

Bryan said...

Julio, You're one of the few people I consider a true friend. Best wishes in the USAF. KEEP YOUR BLOG GOING after bootcamp. You should have some great stories for us.

Julio Medina said...

Bryan...That really means alot, You have been a faithful and loyal friend to me. (Now , "Stop! You`re embarassing me here!") Hahahahaha. Good times. I will keep it updated for sure. With the drama that follows me around...I cant wait to share my stories with you guys. It will be 8 weeks before I get to tyoe on these keys before I can update.

Bryan- my "Flap in the wind" blog is coming soon. lol standby.

I think that will be the longest I have gone in 10 years without checking my email or using a computer. Scary? LOL. T

Bryan said...

"you're causing a scene". Can't wait to read flap in the wind. I printed out your flier about your party at sound-bar and passed it out at work. some of the guys were asking about it.

Allyn Paul said...

Julio--thanks for coming to your own party! LOL
I am glad that you got further in poker than me too.
Are you still having the "before" gathering near your crib prior to the Sound Bar gig?
Mamma would never give me a hall pass for that place. LOL
Gonna miss you bro!

Bonds756 said...

Whats up man! I wanna go to your going away party on the 17th. You still gonna have a limo? I really want to go if u want me too. I did not got to Allyn's cuz i did not want to cause a scene with a couple of guys that were there. So out of respect for you and Allyn i was a no show. This is your time and I would like to be there to get smashed with you, if thats okay....what can i say i have always been an "OUTKAST" within the college circle but you are one of the few guys that have not treated me like one. So if u can give me some details about the 17th count me in!

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