Finally Found The Love of a Lifetime......

New Yorkers rally to help online romeo

By Belinda GoldsmithFri Nov 9, 8:21 AM ET

A tale of online love inspired usually cynical New Yorkers this week to help a young man find the girl of his dreams after he spotted her on a crowded subway train.

For Web designer Patrick Moberg, 21, from Brooklyn, it was love at first sight when he locked eyes with a rosy-cheeked woman while riding in Manhattan on Sunday night. She was writing in her journal.

The train was so full that he lost her in the crowd when they both got off, so he set up a Web site dedicated to finding the mystery woman -- www.nygirlofmydreams.com.

He drew a picture of the girl, who was wearing blue shorts, blue tights, and a red flower in her hair, and posted his cell phone number, e-mail address and an appeal for help finding her.

It worked.

Within hours Moberg's inbox was overflowing with e-mails and his phone ringing non-stop. He told the New York Post that he even received e-mails offering him love. "Some people said I'm not the girl but you're so adorable, pick me instead."

Tuesday night a friend of the woman contacted him and sent him a picture so he could confirm her identity. "Found Her! Seriously!" a notice on his Web site said.

"We've been put in touch with one another and we'll see what happens."

The mysterious subway brunette was named Thursday as Camille Hayton, an intern at magazine BlackBook from Melbourne, Australia, who also lives in Brooklyn.

"This is crazy. I can't believe it's happening," Hayton, 22, told the New York Post.

But Moberg said he is now pulling the shutters on his love life, scribbling out the cell phone number on his Web site and leaving a message on his phone saying he will do no more interviews.

"In our best interest, there will be no more updates to this website," he wrote.

"Unlike all the romantic comedies and bad pop songs, you'll have to make up your own ending for this."

Some New Yorkers may already, wondering if Moberg had made it sound too easy to find a needle in a haystack in this city of eight million people.

Haha...I saw this last week and I saved it. I wanted to post it on my blog because i think the concept is awesome. Obviously he got lucky by finding her but then again if it`s meant to be it`s meant to be. What great lengths would you go through to able to find that ONE? I have done some pretty crazy stuff for ex- girlfriends. - They are EX-Girlfriends now though so maybe it was`nt too crazy LOL!!! I am actually very pleased to be single, With the new path I have chosen in the military it is not really possible to hold a relationship together (long distance does not work) so it works to my advantage in a way....


Allyn Paul said...

Dude, I found my perfect love! Well, she's that way at least 28 days-a-month, LOL

You're gonna have all the ladeez you want in the USAF baby!

Chris Settlemoir said...

Or they will make you their lady!!!

4loveofacuppa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bonds756 said...

Dude i am sooooo done with relationships and all the drama it comes with! I enjoy my life with no controls on it. I want an old lady with money!!

4loveofacuppa said...

HaHa Chris,

But I don't know.... I WOULD go to great lengths for someone I was seriuosly committed to already, but shoot... if the guy on the subway tried to find me like that I would think he was creepy! And as far as how far I'd go, I'd probably go no farther than maybe making sure I always had to run the errand to the place where the hot guy works:) haha Though I will say, the times where a guy that I hardly knew but thought was attractive asked for my number I've been really impressed by his confidence.

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