I need your opinion.

Are you on myspace? Even if you are not I need you to do me a HUGE favor. Google 'Myspace Comments' and look at a few different websites and then come back here and give me the link to the ones you visited and why you liked it. By like it I do not mean any of the content I just mean the basic layout of the page. It wont take you that long...And this is important to me. I will explain why another time. I just need the Name of the site and why you liked the layout. Thanks...


Josh and Sarah Cox said...

The one thing I can say about all of your blogs/websites, is that there is tons of content on them. Sometimes the page takes a while to load due to all the things that have to pop up. I like the simple looking designs

Allyn Paul said...

I can't go on Myspace at work because the company does not like that BAD BAD place!

hey, why did Kina's blog go private? I like reading her stuff but I am locked out :(

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