Super Bowl Sunday - The making of the IFL

I think this is totally ridiculous. It`s The NFL not the IFL keep in the USA! Superbowl Sunday is something that unites our nation on a cold Sunday for a few hours to watch a game and cheer for your favorite team and even more than that...The team represents a State in the US. I realize that most everybody will watch the super bowl on TV so it does not really seem like a big deal where it`s held but...I just don't agree. Let the other countries watch on TV or have them fly in and buy tickets. - This whole thing comes down to money, Then you wonder why the players and Franchises are so corrupt. If they MUST play a few games outside the states then by all means lets share our passion for the sport with other countries...But for the Best Game of year I say keep it home. Just a quick rant...

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) -- A future Super Bowl champion may someday be crowned overseas in a game witnessed predominantly by a foreign audience, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

"There's a great deal of interest in holding a Super Bowl in London," Goodell told reporters Monday. "So we'll be looking at that." The commissioner said London's new Wembley Stadium would make a great candidate for pro football's biggest matchup, given the enthusiasm overseas for the game.

The NFL has been expanding its overseas presence for years by televising games around the world. It's held preseason games in numerous countries in Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada, and in 2005, the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers played the first regular-season match outside the United States.

The game at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City drew the league's largest crowd to date, 103,467.

On Oct. 28, Wembley will host the first regular-season NFL game outside North America. It took just 90 minutes to sell the first 40,000 tickets for the game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants. Goodell said event organizers have sold 95,000 tickets in all.

Goodell spoke about the possibility of a British Super Bowl after a luncheon Monday in Scottsdale sponsored by the host committee for the 2008 Super Bowl in Arizona.



Bryan said...

Yeah I think it sucks.The NFL is America's sport and the Superbowl should be played in America. But we all know it's all about Money. So we better get used to it.

tim said...

"FIRE GOODELL" will be the popular thing if he dose that!

Josh and Sarah Cox said...

I have really loved Goodell ever since he took over. If he did that, I would be ticked.

Bonds756 said...

Hello? Am I the only football fan that loves this idea? Yes, half of this decision is based on money. This is great money for the NFL and will make those guys a bunch more revenue. Football and the NFL "IS" America's sport and continues to dominate American culture every year from August through April!!! For 9 months out of the year we eat breath and sh@# Football! "SuperBowl Sunday" is the biggest American tradition every year that is becoming more important than half of our National holidays that we recognize through having days off or closing our local Post Office for the day! Think about it when's the last time people packed out the bars or even threw a big house party with friends and family and all the food, drinks and "money squares" for Martin Luther King Jr. Day? And i really dont see "PEPSI" paying $210million for a 3minute commercial to be aired on Christmas Day or even Fourth of July for that matter. But this is America, land of the free, home of the brave and we are driven by the unlimited wealth and riches produced by our culture, wheather it be through corporate america, the stock market, or the Sports industry! The "National Football League" has got America by the "balls", hands down! It has passed up the NBA and Major League Baseball in T.V. ratings and pop culture combined! This is "our" sport and Roger Godell and the rest of the NFL knows and realize at this point The National Football League is one of America's prized entities. Because of this the NFL limits where the SuperBowl is played throughout the United States because it wants to maximize the biggest game of the year by assuring the location of the SuperBowl is at a city where the people and sponsors will go to the game. Miami, Southern California, Arizona, New Orleans, are the main locations where the SuperBowl is played 80% of the time. The other 20% is played in a city with a "Domed" stadium voted on by the NFL. Wheather is another reason why the SuperBowl is limited on location. Since this game is usually played at the end of January most of America is tooo cold for anybody to sit outside and watch a 4 hour football game and enjoy the experience. The average fan cant afford the high price of one ticket to the SuperBowl as well as the cost of airfare, hotel, food, drinks, and all the other travel expenses that accompany going to this once a year, weeklong event! The people that go to the SuperBowl are the big wigs that can afford to. The corporate sponsors of the game, the NFL bigwigs, the players and coaches involved in the game as well as their friends and families. Shoot I would pic my nose with an "exacto knife" and wash my face with rubbing alcohol to get my hands on a couple of SuperBowl tickets but i know the only people that even have a chance to get these tickets are rich ass corporate tycoons like my sister. Im also willing to bet the fans critiscizing this idea have never been to or never will go to the SuperBowl because 90% of football fans watch the big game either at a party with friends and food, drinks, and all the bells and whistles or at a the local bar or pub with food, drinks and all the bells and whistles. Thats what the NFL and the SuperBowl are all about. Football is America's new pastime and I enjoy every minute of it. Now as the popularity of the NFL continues to spread worldwide other countries are gaining a vast intrest in our sport. What a great opportunity to expand the popularity and culture of the NFL to other nations that just want a taste of what we indulge in 9 months out of the year. As an American I am flattered that other countries are willing to "pack out" stadiums 100 thousand strong to have a piece of "American pie". We are a very giving nation and the thought that countries are more than happy to invest big money and time to watch teams like the "Lions" and "49ers" shows a great deal of intrest and respect that should make us as Americans feel honored and proud that other countries still want what we have. This is a great opportunity for the game of football and the countries involved in bringing the SuperBowl out of the states. I do not believe this will effect any part of the tradition or culture of the NFL nor will it effect its fan base. The SuperBowl will always be an American tradition 1 day out of the year. It would be selfish for us as Americans to deny this tradition to pass on world wide to other countries who have proven to maintain a strong intrest in a piece of American culture that we call the "NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE".

Bryan said...
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Julio Medina said...

Bryan You took the words from my typing fingers. So danny...Ditto Brian to reply to your comment. I see what you are saying...I am all for sharing and letting other people partake in our happiness...Just as long as they do it HERE in OUR court -no pun intended lol

To your point about Pepsi spending the 2 million on Super Bowl Sunday and Not the 4th of July....Very Sad that we have our priorities that jacked up as a nation where a Ball Game is more celebrated than our freedoms...

Keep the comments coming folks this is good.

Bonds756 said...
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Julio Medina said...

I agree with Bryans point because I believe the same way he does about this subject. You post was good. The things I post are not for everyone to agree or disagree with so I am glad you took the time to post your opinion.

Danny, Your post was well written as well. My agreeing with Bryan has nothing to do with the place that he calls home. (Although I am happy for him that he got a home because he works hard and deserves it.)

Where you live:
A Mansion,House,Trailer,Apartment, Cardboard box or Under a bridge has nothing to do with your opinion and how you voice it about the NFL. So if you dont want to post back don`t but maybe at some point someone will post back that agrees with you. For now LOL you and I do not see eye to eye on 2 thing ;) #1) Barry Bonds and #2) This NFL possibility...You are always welcome on my blog as I posted to you on my post about Life and Time Danny. Have a good one..

Bonds756 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Allyn Paul said...

You all should become NASCAR fans where every single week is the "Super Bowl" LOL

Actually, I like the prospect of taking the NFL worldwide...here's why:
(1) we could get some payback if Vietnam ever fielded a team. Peyton Manning could drop some major bombs on them because the average height in that country for a full grown dude is like 4'9"
(2) I'd love to see a team from Iran because the cheerleaders would be really sexy on the sidelines in their burqa's (sp?)
(3) an Irish team would be drunk and the parties in the stands would be second-to-none
(4) a Scottish team would be full of guys with blue faces on special teams running in like Braveheart
(5) the Russian team's players would all wear big, fluffy fur hats instead of helmets
(6) the Romanian team would be real good at end-zone celebrations...ya know, with their good gymnastics history and all.

I'm sure there are more good reasons! LOL

As far as having the Super Bowl in Great Britain..that would be fun too because typically, their fans are very violent towards one another in Soccer. This way, if the actual game is a boring blowout, the cameras could pan the crowd and we could watch the Brits fighting in the stands!
Pepsi could sponsor that and still get their money's worth!

Bonds756 said...

ha ha ha ! Mexico cant have a football team cuz any Mexican that can run, jump, or dodge a tackle are already here in the United States, Al!!!

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