Time and Life

Just a quick thought I had today....

The world moves so quickly. Time is on our side for certain things but looking back sometimes it just seems to fade away so quickly. Have you ever thought that maybe because we rush and run and hustle to keep up with the everyday pace of living that in turn it slows down other life events or the correct way to the path we are headed down? Just a thought that I wanted to type it...Maybe it makes sense to you maybe it does`nt.

* Disclaimer: This is my blog. You don`t have to understand and you don't have to like it. If you don't I totally understand. Just hit the alt and f4 key. www.juliomedina.com


4loveofacuppa said...

Wow...deep, but I totally agree with you! I just never thought of it that way:)

Bonds756 said...

Wassup man! U gettin excited? Almost time for u to go! Stacey Maxwell is trying to get in contact with u about your car. She sed to give her a call if u could at work. Just dont block me out of your Blog like Kina did. The coffee bean and caffine (an upper) is okay but the Hemp plant and cannabis (a downer) is deemed offensive. What can i say i love MARY JANE.......never will i be ashamed!!

Allyn Paul said...

ok, so I could not resist trying the alt/F4...wow, kick'd me out quick! LOL

I do hate that life moves so fast when it comes to enjoying time with friends and family.
Yet, some days I find myself wishing the work day would speed up ... even though, as I look around at work, I am amongst family and friends there too.
You know what I'm gettin' at eh Bro?
It kinda sucks without you there.
Wild Blue Yonder and all that...

Julio Medina said...

Ha Ha Thanks HAL, Glad you liked my alt f4 too LOL. Miss you to0 man 37 days away...Time is flying right now.

Julio Medina said...

Danny, You know I have nothing but love for ya bro, I won`t block you and there are several reasons why I leave my comments public(posted without my approval) You are free to say what you want and express yourself however you feel. That is why I have this blog...I say what I want about what I want How I want. :)
My only request is that you actually read my posts and comment accordingly without reference to "Mary Jane" - You stand for what you are proud of, More power to you...If more people were vocal about their likes and dislike we could affect change in this world a heck of alot more. So again if you want to relate every comment to "Mary Jane" then go ahead...But if you want to respect my request. Keep MJ on your blog and I can comment on what I think about it. :) See you soon bro. Hope your Tatt is all healed up.

P.S. Danny, Did you register? Hahaha (It`s an inside joke folks you would`nt understand)

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